Ferdinand says Lionel’s side play a part in Lukaku’s fall

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Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has suggested that Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku should slam his team-mates who have contributed to his poor performance.

         The Belgium international faced an unforgettable record in the 1-0 win over Crystal Palace, with just seven touches on the ball in the entire game, with Gary Lineker and ex Alan Shearer joining the ufabet club. Two famous strikers came out to defend Lukaku and blamed his team-mates as well. 

Likewise, Ferdinand felt Lukaku’s poor performance is a result of his team-mates’ performance.

         “I agree with Gal Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer, if anyone had listened to their opinions, if I were Lukaku I would have gone mad,” Ferdinand said. ) Pass the ball over, get off the side and let the ball come in for me. Pass the ball behind you. When you have a chance. Play with my strengths.”

         “I think that’s probably the biggest problem you have with Chelsea right now – what is their best team? I don’t think Tuchel knows what his best team is right now.”

   “He wants a £100 million player to play. So it’s understandable. With Lukaku where he’s had a terrible job with me in terms of scoring goals.

         “They have to find a way to play with his strengths, Lukaku’s strengths… what is it? He is a fox in the penalty area. You have to get the ball into the penalty area and pass the ball consistently. He shows up wherever he plays. you kick the ball in He can finish the score. He likes to play behind the ball to run towards. Use your strength to beat your competitors.”

         “Right now I don’t feel they play with that strength where he is a £100m player, if you are in that situation. (That’s not the ball) You’ll be ‘I’m going to get the ball. I have to touch the ball. But sometimes for better team development. And with what the manager needs to be the focus. Then there are two centre-backs. As soon as you bring more players to the midfield.”

“You have to sacrifice your own game. I feel like that’s what he does sometimes. He sacrifices his goals to make the team better. That affected his stats and it was decided.”