Napoli: No problem, Osimhen ‘s return is delayed

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Napoli confirmed that Victor Osimhen, the Nigerian national team striker returned to the ufabet club on Saturday. And there are no problems with travel delays at all.

Ozimen recently served for the Nigerian national team. Made the 2022 World Cup play-off round and was traumatize. After that, there were news reports indicating that the 23-year-old intends to return and report to the Italian club Napoli later than scheduled.

Napoli confirmed Ozimen’s return to the club on Saturday and Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli reported that the player had already agreed with the club to return to Naples. A little delayed And the Nigerian striker arrived at the agreed time. Why Napoli allowed Ozimen to return later than scheduled? This is because the striker will be suspended for Sunday’s game against Atalanta. Therefore, the matter is not a big problem as the news has appeared before.