Shaqiri reveals Chicago Fire wants to leave Ligue 1

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Xherdan Shaqiri, Swiss midfielder admit wanting to leave the french league After launching as a new player for the Chicago Fire officially

Shaqiri had just moved from Liverpool to Olympique Lyonnais on August 23 last year, but played in the French league for less than six months, then decided to leave the team to play in the US Major League with Chicago Fire after having A fee of 6.5 million euros has been agreed since February 9. The 30-year-old midfielder has signed a three-year contract. Officially launched as a new player for the Chicago Fire on Monday. will play ufabet in the Major League until the end of the 2024 season.

“My main goal is success. And bring this club back to greatness, of course, I have my own goals. But the goals of the team must come first.” “This league (MLS) is getting better and better, for me this is a good league. I want to move out of France And the opportunity came to George Heitz (sporting director). We kept in touch with my brother who is an agent. “Of course, I spent quite a lot of time thinking, but George came in with a big plan. And I’m really excited,” said Shaqiri, who failed six months at Olympique Lyonnais, playing only 11 games, scoring two goals.