Terry doesn’t care after Rooney reveals intentionally hitting the Lionesses

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Ex-Chelsea defender John Terry has reveal he was not satisfied with former Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney‘s comments. That he intend to attack at Stamford. Bridge in 2006

         That year, “Sing the Blues” was about to enter the championship label. Which Rooney reveal that Amazon Prime intend to change the studs to be longer in order to play against their opponents in this game. Which in the end was Terry. Who was beaten until he receive a cut.

         However, Chelsea’s victory in the game was 3-0 and lifted the Premier League trophy that day and Terry came out to celebrate. With a friend despite having to use crutches after leaving the pitch. Either way ทางเข้า ufabet

         Asked during a personal Instagram Q&A. Whether he was interest in Rooney’s comments, Terry replied: “No, we know each other very well. And have been in conflict over the years. last year”

         “The first half had two stitches. There was no way in the second half I wouldn’t have won the league in a 3-0 win over Manchester United.”

Rooney made the controversial comments in an interview promoting his new Amazon Prime documentary.

But he has since doubled back on his statement, seeking to clarify his remarks in a bid to avoid FA action, as he insisted it was more of a ‘feeling’ instead a ‘pre-mediated attack’.