UEFA considers moving to the Champions League final

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UEFA are considering a move to the Champions League this season if Russia threatens Ukraine with Wembley as an option.

         Russia on May 28, however, amid growing tensions after President Vladimir Putin signed a decree recognizing the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics. Thus, UEFA may be force to find a new arena ufabet.

         The Daily Star reports that Wembley may be a potential substitute. Especially if the teams reaching the final are the Premier League clubs that have performed exceptionally well over the years.

         However, UEFA has not yet made an official decision but is looking forward to monitoring the situation closely. If anything happens, prepare for an emergency meeting immediately.

         Last season, the final between Chelsea and Manchester City was transfer from Turkey to Portugal. Due to the coronavirus restrictions, Turkey is on the UK’s red list, making it impossible for fans to travel to cheer.

Hosting the Champions League final could reportedly hand the selected city a financial boost of more than £60m.

Last year’s final between Chelsea and Manchester City was also moved with the venue switching from Istanbul to Porto. 

Covid-19 restrictions saw Turkey placed on the UK’s red list, preventing supporters from travelling to the country.