West Ham breaks up with Tarkowski as it ends up in Newcastle

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West Ham have lowered their interest in Burnley defender James Tarkowski. Because he was aware of a potential interest in Newcastle.

According to Mirror Football , Tarkowski the Hammers have long wanted the 29 – year -old defender. Which saw an opportunity when the player expired at Turf Moor at the end of the season . So ready to invite to join the army.

However, David Moyes’ side were one step late when ‘ Salikadong ‘ approached them first , selling a player bonding scheme and offering a three -year contract + one -year option for £ 50,000 – per – week .

The attitude from the England national ufabet team is leaning towards Tyneside’s big legs. because it’s not as far from his hometown of Manchester as going south to London. In addition, the potential of the team with Eddie Howe has a long-term future.

Howe said: ’With Financial Fair Play, we have restraints and we have things that we have to work within, so we can’t just go out and spend money on players like maybe teams could have done in the past, and totally change their squad within one transfer window. That is not an option for us.

‘The more money you spend in one window, the more it impacts your ability to then spend in windows beyond. 

‘The rules are there to govern the game properly and we have to follow suit, so that does impact what we can do this summer.

‘But it doesn’t mean that we’re totally without ambition. We’re well aware that we have to change the squad and we have to make improvements, but it’s going to be a difficult balance.’