Arsenal, made an important move by adding the name of Jurrien Timber to their squad.

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Arsenal, a Premier League club, made an important move by adding the name of Jurrien Timber to their squad. Champions League The knockout. Round was a sign that the Dutch national team defender was close to recovering from his injury.

Jurrien Timber, 22, has made just two appearances for Arsenal since joining from his hometown side Ajax in the summer. Making his debut in the Community Shi game. The match in which Arsenal defeated Manchester City in a penalty shootout. Before playing the Premier League game, the opening match was home to defeat Forest 2-1.

However, in that game, Timber was injure and had to be substitute in the 55th minute. And it appear that he had a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. And had to be off the field for a long time since then. Report by สมัคร ufabet

Jurrien Timber is a football player born after the year 2000. He was born on July 17, 2001. He started his football career as a trainee from Feyenoord, a famous team from the Dutch league. Before being Ajax, he was brought into their own academy again in 2014. And gradually work his way up to the Ajax first team in 2020 and play for Against Ajax’s senior team. On 7 March 2020 in a win over Heerenveen. The manager who gave the young Timbers a chance at that time. Was none other than Manchester’s current manager, Eric ten Hag. That’s United.

Until the latest on February 6th, Arsenal team sent a list of players to compete in the cup. Champions League The knockout round, which appears to include Timbers, as well as Ghana national midfielder Thomas Partey. Who is still injured, as well as Gabriel Jesus and Fabio Via.

For Lino Souza, a 19-year-old Portuguese left-back named to play in the cup. Champions League Group stage for Arsenal has been cancel after moving to Aston Villa permanently. His position being taken by Timbers, who is worth 38 million pounds.

Arsenal is schedule to play in the round of 16 of the Big E Cup. Visiting Porto on February 21 before returning to play the second match at home next month.