Gabriel Martinelli hints at the name of Liverpool player who was targeted.

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Gabriel Martinelli, Arsenal’s striker, highlighted Liverpool’s weaknesses. By secretly hinting at the name of the opponent’s player. Who was target in the second match of the Premier League between the clubs. at Emirates Stadium on Sunday.

Arsenal experienced victory in an important game by defeating Liverpool at home with a score of 3-1 and reducing the difference in points with the leading team to two points.

In addition to winning, Arsenal also clearly showed their form of dominating the visiting team. Causing Liverpool to only send the ball into the box once throughout the entire 90 minutes. Report by UFABET

Continuing their success in the game against the Red Machine. Gabriel Martinelli revealed as if he wanted to hint that Arsenal plans to focus on playing Trent Alexander Arnold. Very special and has work very well because in the past the right back of the English national team. He has been criticize by many gurus for a long time for playing a terrible defensive game.

Alexander-Arnold Has Liverpool bloodline from birth after opening his eyes in the West Derby area and his life with Liverpool Football Club started with some luck. Because when he was 6 years old, Liverpool organized a youth camp at his school. And receive a certain quota to participate It’s just that there must be a lottery drawn to choose the lucky winners who will participate. And a piece of paper with his name on it. Alexander-Arnold was pick up from the hat.

When attending the said camp, Ian Barrigan, Liverpool’s academy coach, saw the outstanding qualities of Alexander-Arnold Until he contacted his parents and offered Alexander-Arnold Got into the club’s academy, which finally Alexander-Arnold He entered the academy of a famous team in the Merseyside area.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that Liverpool had a terrible performance. losing their first game immediately with a disappointing form after they did not have Conor Bradley. On the field due to the death of his father, which cause Alexander Arnold. Who has recovered from his injury, is back in the first 11.